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  • EvALRO Project Deliverables

    EvALRO Project is under implementation according to the Work Plan.
    During November 2015 - January 2016, the project partners carried out the research according to IOCE Gender+ Methodology
    The outcomes were 2 self-assessments of partner VOPEs - RoSE of Ramania and ASPE of Albania, with respect to their compliance with Gender+.
    Following to its SWOT analysis, RoSE has drafted a Code of Practice for its members.
    This Code of Practice, attached herewith, is a project deliverable and will be customised by ASPE to match the specific evaluation environment in Albania.

    Virgil Pamfil
    Project Coordinator
    Member of the Board
    RoSE - Romanian Society of Evaluators
    Attached Files