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Let's talk about evaluation professionalization!

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  • Let's talk about evaluation professionalization!

    Dear colleague:

    Some time ago, you indicated that you were interested in the area of evaluation professionalization. Donna (Podems) and I are contacting you today to explain the current directions of the Professionalization Task Force and to ask you for your input.

    The Professionalization Task Force was set up in 2015. It initiated its work with a fact gathering exercise which led to a conclusion in the fall of 2016 that professionalization is a complex process that is strongly dependent upon local/national conditions.

    A roadmap for the Task Force was established after the 2017 Global Forum in Bishkek. This roadmap emphasizes that, at least for now, professionalization efforts must be steered by national and regional VOPEs who are most cognisant of the local conditions in which this work takes place. Therefore, the focus of the Professionalization Task Force is to support VOPEs in initiating a dialogue on the topic and in finding the right combination of tools and practices that are adapted to their circumstances.

    To assist VOPEs, we have structured the path to professionalization in first steps: (1) defining professionalization; (2) identifying the reasons for professionalizing; (3) documenting various mechanisms of professionalization; (4) elaborating a strategy in support of professionalization; and (5) engaging evaluators in the discussion and reflection on professionalization.

    We have planned a three-phase project. First, we will start with assembling relevant existing content to populate the five steps listed above; then, we will identify content that needs to be developed in each step with a view to equip VOPEs to develop a position on professionalization; and (3) we will moderate a discussion on the possibility of identifying a world-wide set of professionalization tools.

    The first tangible result of these efforts is a new section of the VOPE Toolkit. The five steps on the path to professionalization are reflected there and very short descriptions were devised for each. We also attached the documents that were located in an IOCE file depot to each relevant sub-section of the Toolkit to offer all this documentation in an easy to access and pertinent location. (Note that said documents still have to be moved in the relevant sub-sections, as of this writing.)

    Now our call to action. Donna and I would really like your feedback on the structure that is reflected on the Toolkit. We welcome
    • Suggestions to improve the structure;
    • Information further explain the sub-sections;
    • Resources that are relevant to any sub-section, in English, French, and Spanish.

    I will post this message on the IOCE Professionalization Forum so that you can reply for everyone to see and so that we can get the conversation going again [1]. If you prefer to reply to Donna and I privately or to everyone but by e-mail, feel free to do so. If you want off this discussion, please let me know privately and will take you off the distribution list.

    Thank you in advance for your contributions!

    [1] Note that anyone can read the IOCE forums but that you need to register with to post.

    Donna Podems, PhD
    Director, OtherWISE: Research and Evaluation
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Benoît GAUTHIER, Credentialed Evaluator
    IOCE Treasurer, Vice-President, and VOPE Toolkit Project Co-Chair