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  • Professionalization webinar agenda

    Dear IOCE evaluation professionalisation network,

    We will organise a webinar on 12 May 2016. Welcome to join in defining priorities and agree on who does what to take the work at global level forward.

    The purpose of the webinar is to

    - welcome all who have indicated interest in working for evaluation professionalisation at global level to the IOCE network,
    - agree on priority areas of work and decide on who will lead / who will participate in each area,
    - agree on next steps.


    1. To present and discuss the working definition that we developed in Nepal
    2. To present and discuss the steps in the work plan that we developed in Nepal
    3. To agree on which elements of the work plan we start to develop further & who takes the lead, who participates
    4. Agree on next steps
    5. AOB
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    The link to the webinar can be found here: