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  • Taskforce Members

    Members of this taskforce are:
    Marie Gervais - SQEP
    Natalia Kosheleva - IPEN
    Ana Rosa Monteiro Soares - UNDP
    Fation Luli - Albania Evaluation Society
    Florence Etta - AGDEN
    Gulshod Sharipova - Tajikistan M&E Community of Practice
    Iryna Kravchuk - Ukrainian Evluation Association
    Issaka Herman Traore - African Evaluation Association
    Mamadou Coulibaly - RĂ©seau Ivoirien de Suivi et Evaluation
    Marcia Paterno Joppert - ReLAC
    Marco Segone - UN Women
    Shubh Kumar Range - CoE South Asia

    EP coordinator for this TF: Jim Rugh

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    The P2P grants have been very popular and have achieved good results. However, there are not firm criteria for allocating the funds. A question that has been discussed through the IOCE Board has been " Should there be a cap for P2P grants or should each proposal be assessed on its individual merits". Feedback from members would be appreciated.


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      Feedback from AES representatives on the above question is that there should be an effort to share the resources around but not spread so thinly that it is not possible to achieve solid results. There is also a request to make the criteria and selection process more transparent so that organisations can be clearer about the basis of selection and unsuccessful applicants are given clear feedback on why their proposals were not accepted.