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DFID/UK Evaluation Society Travel Bursaries

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  • DFID/UK Evaluation Society Travel Bursaries

    The Department for International Development (DFID) and the UK Evaluation Society (UKES) invite applications for a small number of travel bursaries to attend this conference. The title of the conference is Evaluation and influence: Innovation, inclusion and impact and it aims to examine the relationship between evaluation and the influence it has on programme/policy development and identify the ways in which it contributes to or is affected by innovation, inclusion and impact. Key themes include:
    • Innovation: Developing new approaches or methods for both doing and using evaluation, adapting new technologies, challenging traditional thinking
    • Inclusion: Identifying and working with stakeholders, embracing diversity, being transparent and ethical, using participatory processes
    • Impact: Making a difference, discovering unintended consequences, supporting decision-making at all levels in society
    The conference will commence at 11.00 on 13 May and close at 16.15 on 14 May. For further details please refer to the conference website:

    Bursaries will contribute to the costs of travel, accommodation, conference fees and subsistence between 12-15 May (4 days) on the basis of lowest cost fares.

    Candidates should be practising evaluators and nationals of countries in receipt of development assistance. Since one aim of these bursaries is to improve in-country and regional evaluation capacity with a view to influencing policy/decision making, it would be advantageous for candidates to work in settings such as government ministries, state universities, international agencies or NGOs and/or to show that they are active members of evaluation associations or networks, where there are good opportunities to disseminate the experience of attendance at this conference. We cannot fund people already or recently in receipt of a DFID bursary for other purposes.

    Applicants are requested to submit a brief abstract of a poster. They may be asked to present this at the conference during the dedicated poster viewing sessions. Delegates will have an opportunity to view all the posters and question the presenters about their work.

    Suitable candidates are requested to provide the following information:

    Institutional affiliation
    Member of which Evaluation Association (if applicable)
    Projected costs to be covered
    Dissemination opportunities
    Forecast benefits

    * This should be a short paragraph from a third party who can confirm the evaluation background, experience and interests of the candidate. This person could be their employer, a representative of their national evaluation society, an academic from the institution where they studied or someone for whom they have carried out evaluation work.

    The UKES Council will review the applications received and agree a short list of candidates to be offered bursaries, having regard to equal opportunity issues such as gender balance where practicable. The criteria for selection will require candidates to be practising evaluators and nationals of countries in receipt of development assistance who are not already benefiting from other such opportunities.

    Please submit your application by 20 March 2015 via the following link:

    We will consider applications on a first-come-first-served basis. An awards meeting will be held shortly after the closing date for applications.

    UK Evaluation Society
    1 St Mary's Courtyard
    Church Street
    SG12 9EF