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  • EvalPartners Award

    EvalPartners invites VOPEs to nominate people for the EvalPartners Award.
    To celebrate to outstanding contributions made to the advancement of EvalPartners’ Vision, EvalPartners will award up to 6 awards including:
    1. 2 awards for contributions made at the global level.
    2. 2 awards for contributions made at the regional level.
    3. 2 awards for contributions made at the national/local level.
    To nominate a person, please fill a Nomination Form (in English) and send it to
    Please kindly note that active members of EvalPartners Management Group (EPMG) are not eligible for nomination.
    The nominations are accepted until 9 am in Ontario, Canada, on Tuesday, November 10, 2015.
    Decision on the award will be made by the selection committee made of distinguished former members of the EPMG.
    Awards will be announced during the evening reception at the Global Forum scheduled for Monday November 23, 2015. Please kindly note that award winners won’t be invited to participate in the Forum unless they have already been invited to attend as representatives of their VOPEs or other organizations.
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    Is it just me, or does this awards process feel rushed, and therefore likely to result in the exclusion of some really important potential nominations?


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      Dear Kate, I agree that the process is rushed. The positive about it is that it replaces the previos closed process when nominations were made and decided only within the EPMG. It was only recently that EPMG decided that this was not the right way to go and the new procedure was necessary. In my opinion this is an important step in the right direction. Yes, some important potential nomimations won't be made this year, but the award will be anual, and these people can be nominated in the future. But still some great people will be nominated and we will have the chance to celebrate their achievements at the Global Forum.


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        I agree, Kate and Natalia, that the process is rushed. Whether it's TOO rushed is, of course, a judgment call. But I will say that I've spoken with the AEA Executive Director, and there's no way AEA can respond in time. If that's also true for the other big VOPEs (and even some smaller VOPEs), then one does wonder about the representativeness, and thus the fairness, of the final awards. Is that sufficient to cancel this year's process? Again, a judgment call.