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The launch of EvalYouth is on the horizon!

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  • The launch of EvalYouth is on the horizon!

    In preparation for the official launch of EvalYouth to be held at the second Global Forum organized by EvalPartners in November in Nepal, we are pleased to share with you the concept note of this new initiative. Please circulate to your networks! Your comments and contributions are expected!
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    Please see my comments and suggestions for practical steps towards EvalYouth below:
    Internship opportunities to provide platform for pratical work.
    Online platform for YEEs which includes a few expert evaluators who give a portion of their valuable time to answering questions.
    Provision of a set of evaluation learning material that highlights what to read in which stage in form of a CD disk, etc.
    Establish an online certification program for YEEs.
    Introduce certified YEEs to organizations for recruitment.

    Thank you.