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    A Thematic Working Group “Emerging Evaluators” has been established by the European Evaluation Society (EES). A blog discussion between me and the two co-chairs of our Emerging Evaluators, Julia Brümmer and Albine Gitard can be found here:

    I think that support to emerging evaluators should be included as a priority in IOCE 2015 work programme. To find a good focus for this work: What would be the most important objectives for IOEC in this area? What value can a global network add to activities already started or planned at national and regional level?

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    Fully agree about the need to associate youth with the EvalYear'2015 agenda and beyond...

    I believe that the most important objective for IOCE in this area is to broaden its membership base and "pass on the (evaluation) torch" in order to groom new leadership for the future and to acknowledge the needs and priorities of young evaluators.

    It would be good to ensure though IOCE a global coordination mechanism amongst various initiatives (EES, but also the Reseau Francophone, as well as EvalMENA (youth is a thematic focus during the upcoming General Assembly of EvalMENA during the third week of February, and the list goes long)

    If there is consensus about the need to have a focus on youth, we can include it in the IOCE and EvalPartners plan of action for 2015 - 2016


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      I also concur with the need and importance to associate youth to the #EvalYear agenda and beyond it. Let me add that an IDEAS Board member facilitated a workshop and shared a pilot work on Mentoring Emerging Evaluators during the National M&E Week celebrations in Kenya in November 2014. At the same time, this is one of the recently approved initiatives by the IDEAS Board and will be worked on in preparation for the official launch during the Global Assembly 2015.


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        I fully agree with the attention to be given to Emerging Evaluators in 2015 and beyond. For your information, RFE is working on the launch of the Francophone Network of Emerging Evaluators (RF-Ee). Led by an international steering committee coordinated by Jerome Gandin (SQEP) and myself, the RF-Ee has as general objectives to provide a platform/space for Emerging Evaluators to facilitate their professional development and strengthen the quality of their practice in evaluation; promote the role of Emerging Evaluators within the Francophone Evaluation Community, through the VOPE and other associations in evaluation. The RF-Ee targets students in evaluation, graduates and young professionals under 3 years of experience in evaluation.
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          Visit this link to get more information on the EES Emerging Evaluators Virtual Conference.


          • Qudratullah Jahid
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            Thank you.
            I had signed up for this and received notice that I will be joining this conference.

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          Meeting of Emerging Evaluators from francophone Africa.
          This meeting was held on the sidelines of the Impact Evaluation Training Seminar for professionals from Francophone Africa organized by the CLEAR Francophone in Dakar (Senegal) .
          Chaired by Prof. Marie Gervais ( IOCE and RFE ), Co-Chaired by Samuel KOUAKOU (2IEval , Côte d'Ivoire) and Bourahima Konkobo (EE, Burkina Faso ), the meeting allowed the Emerging Evaluators from Francophone Africa to be better informed on the activities of Evalpartners and to strengthen networking among Emerging Evaluators in their respective countries .


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            Emerging Evaluators met during IDEAS General Assembly in Bangkok, Thailand.

            A special session was chairing by Awuor PONGE, IDEAS Board's member, on "Emerging Evaluators and Mentoring". This valuable session helpeddisseminate funding from Brasil, Nepal, Nigeria and Egypt.
            We learnt a lot from presentations made as well as from lessons from studies.

            A new base of collaboration among Emerging Evaluators was launched for developing innovative activities/ideas for the future of our network.
            The day after the special session, there was a meeting of Emerging Evaluators Leaders from Africa (Samuel KOUAKOU "Côte d'Ivoire", Awuor PONGE "Kenya", and Taiwo ADESOBA "Nigeria") for strategizing on designing an Agenda for the future of Emerging Evaluators in Africa.

            We all believe in that
            Friedensreich Hundertwasser said " When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality."
            ​We are confident that a new reality for Emerging Evaluators will begin after the NEC/IDEAS conference 2015 held in Bangkok, Thailand.


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              Thank you, Samuel, for sharing this exciting news. Please know that I, and all my colleagues in the American Evaluation Association, congratulate you on establishing the group Emerging Evaluators in Africa, and that we wish you every success as you organize and develop. I also hope you will continue to keep all of us in the IOCE informed of your progress along the way. Congratulations again on this very important step.