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Welcome to EVALSDGs - post Kathmandu WEBINAR DECEMBER 10th 9am New York time. Join us then!

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  • Welcome to EVALSDGs - post Kathmandu WEBINAR DECEMBER 10th 9am New York time. Join us then!

    Dear Colleagues and friends

    What a Global Evaluation Week we have had! We held the Inaugural EVALSDGs group and the young evaluators created great visibility during the EVALSDGs launch holding the SDGs posters at the same time as the launch of the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020 at the Nepal Parliament. It was a vibrant and innovative time with many new ideas and contacts.

    Thank you all so much for the interest and enthusiasm that you have shown in EVALSDGs. A key outcome from our initial session was the change from EvalSDGs to E.V.A.L. SDGs - with the tagline EVALUATION - adding VALUE AND LEARNING to the SDGs.

    A couple of quotes regarding EVALSDGs and out time in Nepal, thanks to Rituu B Nanda, India

    Colin Kirk, Director, Evaluation Office, UNICEF and EvalPartners Co-Chair
    Evaluation Week in Kathmandu! What a week this has been – huge interest, energy, warmth and commitment from over 400 evaluators, parliamentarians and officials from around the globe! For me the highlight was the moment during the assembly held in the Nepal Parliament when two dozen Young Evaluators stood up, presenting posters depicting each of the Sustainable Development Goals, and showed their commitment to evaluation under the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. An inspiring moment, and I hope the beginning of real efforts to know what works best in taking the 2030 Agenda forward successfully.

    Kassem El-Saddik, Canada, EVALSDGs Vice-chair. "Three critical tasks need the immediate attention of EvalSDG team: (1) developing its value proposition, (2) reaching out to potential partners, and (3) identifying timely opportunities to influence the process at the different levels."

    Key advocacy messages for EVALSDGs

    In Nepal, we agreed that each person would send through two or three key messages that you think are important for EVALSDGs in its communication with different stakeholders, whether government, civil society, evaluators, etc. Some great suggestions from:

    Mohammed Alyami, Ph.D. Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD), Islamic Development Bank Group
    It was a great week indeed. I would like to commend you and all the organizers for the great effort you put to deliver such an event.

    Regarding the EVALSDGs messages I would say that the first one directed to governments and politicians; "EVALSDGs and evaluation in general is not to change what you have. Instead, it is to support in adding to it and help in measuring achievements".

    Another main message is "since each country has different needs and different level of urgency, the goal of EVALSDGs is to work with each country to fulfill the most important and needed goals first"

    Finally, a message to communities and evaluators; "EVALSDGs aims to help local communities and evaluators through capacity buildings initiatives which would help them to conduct evaluations and assess the development activities in their countries".

    Next webinar is on Thursday 10th December at 9am New York time.

    Please contact Ada Ocampo EVALSDGs Vice-Chair on for a link to the meeting.


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    Thanks for the update. Can people other than EVALSDGs group participate in webinar?