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    The following email was shared with the some members of the IOCE executive and we are sharing with all IOCE members.

    Dear colleagues,
    I wished to attend AGM personally, unfortunately I am not able to coordinate it with my work obligations, so let me contribute with this text.
    First of all I want to thank IOCE for excellent work accomplished and for achieved results in setting up global evaluation network. I need in particular to outline importance of two IOCE’s grant programs which importantly helped in formation of evaluation community on Western Balkan (6 countries, 8 evaluation communities). Grants resulted in networking of 300 professionals and establishment of ‘infrastructure’ for cooperation – mailing lists, newsletter, forum, blog, annual meetings. Seven evaluation communities from the WB region directly participated in three projects financed by your grants, they met at 7 regional events, on which some 50 individuals personally met and many of them already established closer cooperation. Four evaluation communities have been established anew in WB region and large majority of them achieved observable and some of them even fascinating progress during previous three years. These are irreversible and sustainable outcomes of three projects in WB region that were supported with your grants. Please note that this level of cooperation is achieved in region, previously devastated by ethnic conflicts in 90’s.
    Concerning future challenges for IOCE in forthcoming period:
    • Its mission for mobilisation of evaluation community world-wide is largely completed, with excellent achievements. In the next phase it may be sensible to focus more on profiling of organisational members of the evaluation community. What they in particular wish to share with other members of community and where they specifically seek for interaction – capacity building, professional issues, systemic concerns, research...? This would suggest going in our plans beyond forming lists (of evaluation communities) to forming clusters of cooperating communities that can find synergies, enrich international evaluation cooperation with innovation or enhance common goods for evaluators.
    • Regional evaluation networks have outstanding role in advancing international cooperation in evaluation field. Would it be appropriate for IOCE to include on its agenda advancement of regional evaluation cooperation? It could take into account issues that are specifically relevant in this context, which is in some respects different from national level, for instance including multi-cultural character, existence of national borders as obstacles to even closer cooperation...
    • I think it would be very valuable to accomplish ex-post evaluation of two IOCE’s grant programs to learn from achievements. Well targeted grants can guarantee for achievement of IOCE’s vision.
    • I believe we need to establish clearer rules for representation in IOCE’s formal bodies (Task forces), what are obligations and responsibilities of regional representatives in relation to TF as well as in relation to national members on lower level of hierarchy
    • Best wishes for your work on AGM,
    • Bojan Radej, Slovenian Evaluation Society & Western Balkan Evaluation Network