Joint actions towards sustainable equity and gender responsive evaluation in the labour market in Montenegro

This project is strongly committed to build the Network of CSOs that will provide gender-responsive evaluation in order to strengthen effective implementation of obligations prescribed by the national and international legislation in achieving gender equity policy at the labor market in Montenegro as well to propose improvement recommendations.
The Government of Montenegro adopted a number of Strategies and policies with the view to make the Montenegrin labor market much closer to the European Union and UN standards. Present practice confirms that respect of equity and gender equality is not guaranteed by adopting laws only, but requires consistent monitoring of application of the Law in practice.
The project will focus activities in ten municipalities in Montenegro with the main objective of to establish the collaborative partnerships among CSOs as national platform for evaluation of country progress towards equity and gender equality in the labor market in Montenegro. The experiences of mainstreaming equity and gender equality at the labor market from ten municipalities will become the basis for advocating for stronger attention to equity and gender equality at national level in whole.

The project consists of a coordinated set of activities; of networking, strengthening partner capacity for gender responsive evaluation, planning and implementation, awareness-raising on equity and gender equality in evaluation practices, policies, programs, projects and plans, advocating with state institutions, business sector and trade unions in supporting gender equality and equity in the labour market.
The project is designed as a pilot project, builds on the fact that the experiences and challenges facing in ten municipalities, may be very similar in other and that practical measures that should to be taken successfully in one municipality to increase equity and gender equality in the labour market may be replicated in other municipalities in Montenegro, in neighboring countries and widely.
Equity and gender responsive evaluation capacity building is a priority concern of the project “Joint actions towards sustainable equity and gender responsive evaluation in the labour market in Montenegro”. By building capacities of CSOs we will promote participatory evaluation among and within all social subjects in order to increase the visibility and legitimacy of equity and gender issues in the national legislation and in practice.
The Network will become an effective base of the civil society in providing and promoting gender responsible evaluation in order to influence state institutions to integrate gender responsible evaluation in national policies.
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