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    Adolescent Girls Programs: Embedding Inclusive Evaluation using a Gender and Equity framework

    EvalPartners’ Equity Focused and Gender Responsive Evaluation Innovation Challenge Award 2014-15 Endangered and Engendered Realities: An Evaluation Framework for High Risk Adolescent Girls in South Asia supported -
    1. A formative study using a unique set of adolescent friendly tools to understand the lived realities of highly vulnerable adolescent girls – daughters of sex workers, child brides, trafficked girls and runaways, HIV infected and affected and those who are marginalized because of caste, class and ethnic cleavages. Data from 61 persons, including 44 highly vulnerable adolescent girls informed an evaluation framework.
    2. Development of guidelines using a hybrid framework of gender, equity and child rights, to evaluate programs for marginalized and vulnerable adolescent girls
    3. Endorsement of the hybrid framework at three Round Tables/Workshops with the Planning Commission, India as well as evaluation commissioners, researchers and implementers in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In all, about 100 persons learned about, contributed and validated the hybrid evaluation framework. Please see Sri Lanka Round Table
    This study did NOT develop HOW to make the framework actionable by adolescent girls, implementers and decision makers. This proposal extends the lessons learned from the previous project towards concrete use and influence for policy action. CoE South Asia will twin with a grassroots organization, Buds of Christ, in Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu India, (whose evaluative capacity was built from the previous study) to build capacities of governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in the government adolescent specific national programs namely «Integrated Child Protection Scheme» and «Childline» in the use of the evaluation framework and tools to commission and implement evaluations of these programs. Capacities of adolescent girls will also be built in child-to-child evaluation complementing the participative data gathering tools of government and non-government bodies. The Inclusive Gender and Equity Evaluation Toolkit for Adolescent Girls Programs will be developed for this purpose.

    India has a highly decentralized government system and this inclusive (and twinning) approach to capacity building will provide lessons learned for the state of Tamil Nadu and a model of practice nationally. The Inclusive Gender and Equity Evaluation Toolkit for Adolescent Girls Programs will then be used for capacity building – NGOs, government and adolescent girls in one of the partner countries (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) involved in the previous grant. This proposal therefore proposes a practical pathway for use and the influence of gender and child rights based evaluation and moves beyond the rhetoric.

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