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    Best practice exchange of evaluation standards for equity and gender policy between Romania and Macedonia –GenEVAL MK-RO

    Even though in both countries there are both institutionalized and informal practices in monitoring and evaluation of public policies, very few of them have equity and gender as factors or aspects of evaluation. In the last three years the regional Strategy 2020 was adopted, imposing high development targets to national Governments as well as the duty to establish national- central bodies for monitoring and evaluation of public policy. However most of Governments have still wandered in developing the evaluation culture and standards. Our Project approach is to better enabling environment for evaluation by identification of existing best practice in evaluation as a base for upgrading it with new applicable knowledge and evaluation skills.
    The Project overall goal is to help Republic of Macedonia improve evaluation practices based on transfer of good local practices in Romania. Considering that the project is of interest for both partners, it will also promote mutual benefits and emphasize new opportunities such as:
     Facilitate better understanding of challenges with respect to existing gender inequalities in evaluation of public policy in Republic of Macedonia and Romania
     Promote environment sensitive to gender issues in both countries
     Enhancement of VOPEs institutional capacities based on exchange of knowledge and best practice in both countries

    Provide better understanding of current national practices and to propose recommendation for their improvement based on available best practices in evaluation of equity and gender policies in Republic of Macedonia

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