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  • Events for International Year of Evaluation

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    With respect to the first theme (Strengthening an Enabling Environment for evaluation) it would make sense to combine national performance management units established under the presidency or the prime minister’s office with units reporting to the legislature.
    With respect to the second theme (Strengthening institutional capacities of VOPEs and Civil society) the proposed State of Evaluation Report is an excellent idea!!!
    With respect to the third theme (Strengthen Individual evaluator capacity development )it would make sense to put in place a mechanism to coordinate and harmonize professionalization initiatives currently underway (IDEAS, EES, UKES, etc.). It would also make sense for all VOPEs to encourage access of new evaluators to the profession.
    With respect to the fourth theme (Inter-linkages between enabling environment, institutional capacities and individual capacities) IOCE is best placed to build bridges across VOPEs and to encourage cooperation among their topical working groups.
    Finally a fulsome debate about the need to broaden the current and rather simplistic results chain approach to evaluation should be encouraged: monitoring is not evaluation!


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      The summary of the on-line consultation is really interesting. I agree with Bob Picciotto´s points and would also like to accentuate that the Enabling Environment for Evaluation (???) requires new organizing both within the government and the Parliaments which, in general, do not have enough administrative resources to promote evaluations. However, the cross-cutting priority concerning the task of promoting gender and equity responsive evaluations is challenging, because evaluation even in the traditional gender neutral sense is still a goal that is quite far away, because evaluation cultures and systems in both developing and developed countries are still in need of improvement. Therefore, the VOPEs should play an active role in the promotion of evaluation in general and of gender and equity responsive in particular. On the other hand, the latter can also be based on results-based evaluation which quite often is mechanistic, managerial and value neutral. So there is not an easy way to enhance quality evaluations!