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Global Evaluation Agenda - Final Version

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  • Global Evaluation Agenda - Final Version

    Please find attached the final version of the Global Evaluation Agenda "EvalAgenda2020"
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    Thank you for this, Lynn. Is this publicly available somewhere on the Web? (The CES may want to refer to it in a news item.) Is it available in French yet?



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      Hi Benoit, the FINAL final version will be available to everyone as soon as the formatting is complete and the new logo has been added. In the meantime, we want VOPE members to get a feel for the Agenda and start thinking "what bite of the apple will I/our VOPE take with regards to the priorities of the Agenda".

      Once the final formatted version is available we will circulate it and ask VOPE leaders to post it on their websites.

      At this point in time there is no plan to have it translated to French. But perhaps with funding, it could be translated to a few different languages.

      Hope this helps.


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        Hi Lynn,

        ANZEA have a couple of members to put forward for some of the forums, but are wanting to open the process up to our members. We wondered if we select a couple of members for forums now, and add others later? The current EvalPartners nomination survey doesn't indicate whether this is the case?

        kind regards,